Allegheny Mountain Tunnel

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Allegheny Mountain Tunnel
County Somerset
Length 6,070 ft
Opened 1 October 1940
(Opening of the Turnpike)
South Penn Railroad
Number 6
Planned Length 5,919 ft
Heading Completed 3,946 ft

Allegheny Mountain Tunnel is one of the original tunnels of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Since the closing of Sideling Hill Tunnel, it is the longest Turnpike tunnel still in use.


The other six of the original seven Turnpike tunnels were built by completing the unfinished South Penn Railroad tunnels, but when the Turnpike survey examined the tunnel at Allegheny Mountain, it was deemed to be in poor condition, so a new tunnel was bored only a few yards away. In some photographs of the completed Turnpike tunnel, it is possible to make out the location just up the hill of the railroad dig.